Know more about us

Our Servers are built on a Network Solid robust server-based Infrastructure Highly Redundant in our Data Centers.

We’re Offshore Dedicated Server, an Impreza’s creation! Our team of specialists spread all over the world, we are operating in several datacenters of global partners and recently own datacenters operated by our development team, providing greater privacy and processing capacity, plus more support effective in less time.

We are a small Server and Domain Registrant company that was born in Brazil in 2021, we in Seychelles, where we can have more freedom to reach the largest number of clients and also more security and freedom in our operations countries.

When you hire our service, you are not just hiring an excellent service, as it is helping several organizations in the world to keep an internet free. We are constantly making new partnerships to provide the best services and effective service.

Infrastructure Corporate Class

“At the heart of the data center hub”

Our North American servers are located in Texas 1, the most prominent data center Data Foundry in Austin. Powered by two stand-alone substations and connected to over 17 fiber providers, our hosting servers are housed in the center of more redundant data, connected and secure world. We also installed a similar infrastructure on our servers located in the United Kingdom, Turkey, India, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Iceland, Finland & Romania.

Reliable Energy

“Designed for Uninterrupted Operations”

Redundant and independent by design, our data centers are powered by two substations of 400 MW separated. Each substation is fed by independent power plants, while the data center has a dedicated electrical supply subterâneo, fully reinforced concrete.

Fire Protection and Cooling

“Resilience and redundancy at all levels”

Constructed to support the load increases, our data center using an ice water cooling system which produces significantly better performance while consuming less energy than conventional air cooled systems. In addition, dry fire-suppression system provides fire protection for critical data mission while avoiding, accidental damage that could be caused by water.


“Run Time Maximum and Stability”

Our data centers are strategically located in a dense fiber optic connectivity area that ensures the most efficient and reliable routing for network connectivity. Our servers are connected through various fiber transport links that facilitate lower latency and increased network reliability.


“Robust Security at all levels”

Our servers are protected by more stringent security processes and resilient market. Since the physical design of the facility, its multiple points of access control and security personnel 24 hours, advanced safety systems are used to protect their critical operations.